Quality & Environmental


Axipto AB machines metal products as a subcontractor. the automotive industry in the CNC-controlled machines. The company is located in three cities, Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, headquartered in Nybro.
We coordinate the quality policy with internal and external environmental policy. Quality and respect for the environment is a priority in our improvement of the work in all areas of activity.
The company's biggest environmental footprint is air emissions from transport and the use of coolant.

​​​​​​​We shall:
  • ensure that all of our products and facilities meet or exceed applicable laws and customer requirements and our own goals.
  • provide sufficient resources to comply with laws, standards and targets, which continuously followed and reported.
  • inform, educate and motivate our employees to contribute to our quality and environmental work, particularly through daily management.
  • in the daily work actively work to prevent damage to people and the environment.
  • selecting the best environmental choice for man and product that is technically possible and economically viable.
  • strive for efficient use of raw materials and energy.
  • strive to be part of the natural cycle by recycling.
  • systematically work to continually improve business system and its processes.