Our philosophy

More responsibility

We at Axipto have expanded our responsibility in the chain of value by also taking care of the subject supply and casting. This has become a reality thanks to the fact that we have established good cooperative partners to us.
Through this very intimate cooperation can we ensure that the finished molded goods transported on to our own production units for processing. Which in turn means that we also take responsibility for large parts of the logistics.

Cutting edge technology

Annually, we do extensive investment in new and modern technology. This is a must in order for us to continue to be a high-tech company. And for that we step by step to improve our competitiveness against low-cost countries. Thanks to the fact that we already have a high-efficiency and robotised machinery, as well as motivated and well-trained employees, can we constantly optimize our production flows. And, of course, does all this taken together, considerable cost advantages for you as a customer.