A global partner – First choice.

The world around us is changing faster and faster as the industry becomes more and more specialized and knowledge-based where we become more of a partner when our customers increasingly demands a functional solution rather than just a single product.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We encourage entrepreneurship and commit- ments where our employees are involved in iden- tifying opportunities to improve and develop. A clear entrepreneurial way of thinking where new ideas and continuous development ensure that the customer always gets the best solution.


We encourage efficiency and optimal processes where employees continuously challenge them- selves by doing their best and every day asking themselves what we can do better. A pro-active approach to always seek the root cause of internal defects or deviations in order to deliver the highest perceived customer value every day.

Long-term mindset

We encourage long-term thinking where employ- ees, customers and other stakeholders feel confi- dent that we have the ability to act in the market for a long time. An approach where we utilize the knowledge and commitment of each employee to stimulate long-term organizational learning that continuously develops and strengthens our overall competitiveness in the market.

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Axipto AB manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among other things. the automotive industry in CNC controlled machines. The company is located in three locations, Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, with headquarters in Nybro.