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Axipto stands for innovative processing. And we take responsibility for the entire processing chain, from raw material to finished product. However, we naturally adapt to the requirements of each individual customer, which can mean the need for either all or only parts of the process.

Hypermodern technology

Every year we make extensive investments in new and modern technology. This is a must for us to continue to be a high-tech company. And so that we can step by step improve our competitiveness towards, for example, low-cost countries.

Thanks to the fact that we already have a highly efficient and robotized machinery, as well as motivated and well-trained employees, we can always optimize our production flows. And of course, all of this, together, has significant cost benefits for you as a customer.

Greater responsibility

At Axipto we have expanded our responsibility for the supply chain by sourcing castings and forgings as well as supplying machining and assembly. This has become a reality thanks to our broad network of partners both in Europe and in Asia, managed by our people on the ground.
Close cooperation with our suppliers enables us to ensure a stable supply of raw material that meets the highest demands for quality, environmental awareness and cost efficiency. By doing this we also assume responsibility for a greater share of the logistics to further simplify our customer’s purchasing process.

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The company is located in Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, with headquarters in Nybro.