Industrial Robots

Big cast iron products, up to 250 kg, are our main focus when working with industrial robots.
With our long experience in this area, we support our customers with logistics services, complex machining and high focus on quality and delivery precision.


Robot arm

Linear track for robots


Smart Solutions

Our production is cost efficient with smart solutions in and around the machines. This enables us to deliver a wide range of products based on complex technical solutions with high quality focus.

In some cases we use multi function mill-turn machines for optimal quality and speed in production. We also use flexible manufacturing systems together with large milling machines for the most efficient production of these heavy cast iron parts.

To make sure we have high delivery precision we control the logistics flow from the casting suppliers all the way to our end customer.

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The company is located in Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, with headquarters in Nybro.