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Axipto AB is a young and innovative company – but with long experience and deep knowledge. Axipto has its roots in three Swedish engineering companies with different types of specialized expertise in metal cutting

Axipto AB - Innovative Processing

The production at our facilities is highly automated. Modern robot-tended machines ensure that we stay at the cutting edge with respect to the newest technology. Our aim is for all our production lines to be fully automated, from incoming to outgoing pallets. The operator’s role is to make sure that the robot cell is working properly, rather than handling products, this way we maintain our competitivines in a competitive industry.  


Quality, Environment & Sustainability

Our goal is to build long term relations with all stakeholders; customers, society, employees and suppliers. We do this by always focusing on delivering the right quality and investing in our environmental and sustainability work.

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We are proud to boast that we have some of Sweden’s best customers!

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The company is located in Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, with headquarters in Nybro.